“Jean on jean on jean!”

Here’s the interview with Maggie!
1. Tell us a little about yourself
About myself? Hmm, I’m a college student, a writer and an aspiring author with a weird obsession with anything jean and anything coffee.
2. What is it about denim that you love?
I love denim so much partly because I’m lazy and I don’t have to worry about matching, because it goes with everything, even more jean!  It’s a staple that has different variations through the years but jean itself, I can’t see going out of style for decades!
3. How would you describe your own personal style?
My personal style is weird and always changing. I really enjoy clothes, but I have so many different interests that it’s hard to pin one “style” down for myself. One day I’ll wear a band shirt and jeans, the next I’ll wear a preppy J. Crew shirt and a statement necklace. It’s all over the place, but I always like to throw things together and just see what happens. I appreciate looking put together and people who have the confidence to wear whatever they want! That’s really all that matters, in the end when it comes to bold fashion choices.
4. Do you have any fashion or denim-related inspirations?
Inspirations? Hm. I mean of course I go on Pinterest and find stuff there but I suppose my main “inspiration” so to speak is just my mood. Does that count? Haha. I don’t keep up with celebrities and I don’t order fashion magazines, I just really find things at a good price and put them together however I want. I love color, I love graphic and floral patterns… And I love jean.  Jean on jean on jean!

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