Twist Braid Tutorial

People ask me how to do this twist braid every time I do it. This braid is a hybrid between a French braid and a twist. If French braids intimidate you, this is a good braid for you. There are fewer pieces to keep track of.


1. Start with hair. This braid holds better if your hair is a slightly dirty, so try this the day after you wash your hair. For a different look try this with wet hair. If you let your hair dry like this you will have heat-free waves.


2. Start with the side of your part that has more hair. Separate out two pieces.


3. Take the top piece and pull it back up and over the bottom piece. You should have switched hand positions.


4. This is where the French braid technique comes in. Add more hair to the new bottom section. You can see that, compared to the previous picture, the bottom section is slightly larger.


5. Now take the new (larger) bottom section and pull it back over the top section. The “twist” should always be pulled up towards the top of your head and back away from your face. Switch hand positions.


6. Continue this pattern of adding more hair to the bottom section, and pulling it up and over the top section until you twist down to the bottom of the ear opposite your starting point. Clip the twist in place so that you are free to work on the other side.


7. Separate out two pieces from the untwisted side of your part.


8. Replicate the twist that you just did on the other side.


9. Once you reach the clip, remove it and combine the two sections of hair.


10. Separate this into three sections and begin a normal braid.


11. Secure the end with a hair tie, pin in the extra bits and you’re done.




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