How to Find a Non-Church Wedding Venue


Have you ever imagined your wedding and thought of it NOT being at a church? I thought the same thing. I wanted my faith to play a part in my ceremony, but that didn’t mean I had to get married in a church. Here’s some ways to find alternative wedding venues.

1. Look at photos of past weddings in your area. Each wedding has a different vibe, so looking at several weddings held at the same venue will help you get a feel for what it is actually like. It can also help you figure out what kinds of decorations will work for that location.

*This has an added bonus of helping you find a wedding photographer.

2. Think of places that are special to you and your fiancé.

  • Did you meet at a bowling alley? Why not have your reception there?
  • Do you always go to the newest show at your theater? The theater seating will give every guest a perfect view as you say your vows.
  • Is coffee your absolute favorite thing? A coffee shop is the perfect place for an intimate wedding.

3. Actually visit venues. I know this sounds obvious, but it’s important. If you are interested in a venue, make sure you go see it in person. The venue I chose was my last choice based on the photos from their website. Once I saw it in person I fell in love. You can’t get the entire feel of a venue until you’ve actually visited it.

4. Keep an open mind. Anything can be considered a wedding venue. It might just take a little creativity to work it out. Here’s some great examples of unique wedding locations.


One thought on “How to Find a Non-Church Wedding Venue

  1. Great post! My fiance and I have decided to do a theater ceremony and rooftop reception, an idea we pulled from our song actually (it’s called “Rooftops”). You can find inspiration anywhere!

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