An Inside View

Because I will be discussing fashion and home decor choices and trends on this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to display the choices I made when designing my bedroom, to give a taste of my personal style.


First of all, I rarely have my over head light on. I’m not a big fan of harsh lighting. I prefer a softer lighting with lamps and Christmas lights; it feels more homey and calming. I chose the mint green paint because I wanted a color that was soft yet adds a pop of color.

I knew I wanted a solid color bedding and I just fell in love with the Ivory Rivulets from Anthropologie. It was perfect because it was a solid color but still had a lot of texture and it was anything but boring.


The iron flower piece above my desk is probably the item I receive the most compliments on. And I must say it’s probably one of my favorite pieces too. It is a very unique object that really draws people’s attention. (Fun fact: I always have some sort of chocolate on my desk. It’s usually Hersey’s Kisses because I love to roll up the wrappers into little balls when I’m done.)


The shelves in the corner of my bedroom is the place I put everything that didn’t have a place. It’s kind of a mixture of some of my favorite things. I love old books with beautiful covers. The Wizard of OZ was my first favorite movie and I treasure my Wizard of OZ music box. My movie collection, some sea glass I collected in Marseille, France, my F.R.I.E.N.D.S mug, a scrapbook my sister made me, items from when I was pledging Sigma Theta Chi, etc. may all be found on my shelves.

IMG_0144And last but not least, I am obsessed with dried roses. They are so fragile and yet still so beautiful. My Granny dried roses, too. After she died my mom kept them and I remember seeing them hanging in a closet, perfectly preserved. I love making the beauty of a rose last a lifetime and beyond.

Here are some more pictures of my bedroom:



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