Curling Made Easy

Curly Hair

Curling hair is a lot simpler than it looks. I taught myself after I got the curling iron for Christmas last year.  It takes me about twenty minutes to curl all of my hair if I’m taking my time. I’ve been known to curl it all in ten if I’m in a rush.

Here’s how I curl my hair.

1. You need a brush, comb, hand mirror, wall mirror and a curling iron. I use a 1 inch curling iron with a clamp.

2. Brush your hair. It’s difficult to curl hair that is full of knots.

3. Pick a side of your part to start on. I normally start on the side of my part with more hair. Section out a piece of hair and smooth it out so that it is easy to clamp.

4. Always make sure the clamp is towards your face. That way you are rolling away from your face and creating curls that will stay out of your mouth and eyes.

5. Continue this technique around to the back, then switch and curl the other side. Remember that the clamp should be towards your face and you are rolling away from your face towards the back of your head.

6. Use the hand mirror to check the back of your head to make sure all of your hair is curled.

7. After all of your hair has been curled, decide what kind of curls you want. If you want messy curls, comb through your hair with your fingers. If you want big waves, use a wide-tooth comb.

I included a video for all of the visual people out there. Happy curling.


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