Choosing a Photographer

Wedding photography is the one thing that will stay with you from your wedding day besides your new spouse. Depending on how big your city is, there could be hundreds of photographers to choose from. How do you begin to sort through all those options to pick the right one?

1. Start with who you know. Ask friends who they used for their wedding photography. Looking at photos of people you know is an easy test to see if the photographer captured the couple’s actual personalities. Hiring a photographer that your friends or family have used can also help you feel more comfortable with them.

2. Look at photos of weddings at your venue. This will help you imagine what your own wedding photos would look like with that photographer. This also means that the photographer is familiar with the venue and will be able to focus more on taking beautiful photos instead of looking for the next backdrop.

3. Take engagement photos. Sessions prior to the wedding are important to building a connection with your photographer. You’ll both learn what poses work and what don’t. Worst case, if you don’t like the photos, you still have time to look for someone else.

Here’s a few photos from my engagement session by the wonderful Asia Todd. She’s taken photos for a lot of my friends, and I could see their personalities shining through all of her work.IMG_9463 (1) IMG_9661 IMG_9739 (1) IMG_9827 (1) IMG_9459 (1) IMG_9326

Check out her website for more beautiful photos:


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