Weekend Get-Aways!

Here is an innovative and breathtaking new weekend get-away destination that is just what the doctor ordered. Seabrook, Washington was established in 2004 on a bluff off the coast on Washington state as a beach community that features a “new urbanism” design. The seaside town features 230 homes clustered together to embrace community, walking, and natural beauty. All of the homes built in Seabrook are within a 5-10 minutes walk to the city center. The town also features bike and foot paths that lead around town as well as to the beach. They claim there is little need for a car once you arrive at Seabrook. The beach community also boast several green areas ideal for families to get outside and enjoy the scenery. On top of the town being beautiful and well designed, it is also built to support itself and its future endeavors. According to the Seabrook, Washington website “1% of gross sales go back to the larger communities around Seabrook to support schools, emergency services, animal welfare, food banks, and other programs that support community health and wellness.”I first learned about Seabrook through a friend’s blog that featured  Seabrook’s urban design. The town has grabbed the attention of many designers and young professionals looking for a fresh new way of looking at community. If you are looking for a unique beach town that supports community and green living head to Seabrook, Washington for a quick weekend get-away you will never forget!


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