DIY Lace Scarf

As the temperature decreases, the number of layers needed increases. Jackets, hats, scarves, IMG_0338and boots begin coming out of the boxes and hanging in the closet. This year, as I was going through all my winter apparel, I realized I didn’t have that many scarves that I really loved. So, with the help of my friend Sydney, I decided to make my perfect statement piece for this season!

Supplies: 2 yards of fabric, lace trim, scissors, sewing machine, sewing pins, and thread.

  1. I went to Hobby Lobby (One of my favorite stores! So many possibilities in one place!) to get my fabric and two different sized lace trim.IMG_0340
  2. When I got home, we ironed the fabric and laid it out to place and pin the lace.
  3. Line the first lace trim 1 inch from the bottom and pin to the fabric. The top stitch it to the fabric with a sewing machine.
  4. Line the second lace trim 1 inch from the other side and repeat step 3.
  5. Line the third lace trim 8 inches from the bottom and repeat step 3.IMG_0341
  6. Cut the excess inch from each side



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