Travel Photography

Over the past few years I have had the privilege of getting to travel to foreign places. During the spring of 2012 I spent 4 1/2 months in South America. I traveled to Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chili. During this time abroad a learned a lot about photography. Before this trip I had always focused on taking photos of things I thought I would want documented such as food, the hotel, me in front of a certain famous statue, me in front of the hotel, you can see where this is going. While those photos are not bad and may serve as good memories they aren’t exactly something all of your friends will want to gather around and look at when you return home. What I found I wanted to remember most was the way the ocean looked at sunset or the way the people moved around town, the chipping paint off street signs or the way that beach house stood still as the ocean breeze pushed the grass back and forth in the wind. Not everyone would agree with me, but I think the artistically interesting photos are those most worth sharing not those fish tacos or the amount of sand on your kids. To take some breathtaking photos of your vacations try this 5 tips:

1) Lighting is of utmost importance.  If the lighting is bad your photography is not going to look as good. I would try editing your photos instead of using the flash to create a more natural look.

2) Focus on the scenery. You can get fish tacos at that place around the corner when you get home. What you can’t get is that breathtaking ocean view from the boardwalk.

3) Find what makes that place unique. Some of my favorite photos are of things I know I will never see again in my lifetime like the woman selling churos in Punta del Diablo or the tango dancer in Buenos Aires.

4) Master the selfie. I know what your thinking… really? selfies? Sometimes there isn’t someone there to take your picture in front of that quant bridge over that river. It is good to figure out how to make a selfie look good.

5) Have Fun. Also counter intuitive, but if you aren’t enjoying your trip your photos aren’t going to look enjoyable either. Make sure you are taking time to put that camera down and enjoy yourself!


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