Inside Out Braid


The inside out braid is also called a dutch braid. It became popular after the first Hunger Games movie came out. Katniss’s hair is braided like this for most of the movie. This is probably because the braid is super easy and durable during all of those fighting scenes. Here’s how you can recreate your own inside out braid. If you get confused, watch the video at the end of this post.

1. Brush your hair. As always, I’ve found that this braid holds better if your hair is slightly dirty.

2. Pull apart three separate sections of hair on one side of your part. Start near the front of your head.

3. In a normal french braid, you would take one of the side pieces OVER the middle piece. For this braid, take the  piece that is closest to your face UNDER the middle piece.

4. Take the piece that is closest to the back of your head and bring it UNDER the new middle piece.

5. Take the piece closest to your face, add some more hair, and pull it UNDER the center piece.

6. Continue this pattern of pulling the side pieces UNDER the middle piece all the way around your head.

7. Once you make it to the opposite side of your head than where you started, make sure to pull all of the hair back into the braid.

8. Secure with a hair tie and enjoy your new braiding technique.


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