Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is my favorite part of the year. I love the decorations, Christmas music and families coming together. My mom decorates for Christmas the Thursday before Thanksgiving and doesn’t take it down until after New Years; and I listen to Christmas music all year round.


Unfortunately, part of my mom’s nativity scene broke when she was taking down the decorations this year. But that meant that I got the opportunity to go to the greatest Christmas shop called Classic Christmas. When you walk into this shop it is like a Christmas Wonderland. It is set up to be look like a street lined with houses, trees, and light posts all decorated for Christmas. As you walk through the store, each room has a different theme with a perfectly decorated tree.


Each of these trees and rooms are so unique yet each of them represent the holiday season equally. There are so many choices you have when it comes to decorating for the holidays. You can do the traditional red and green, silver and gold, teal and silver, maroon and gold, or even all crystal. Your tree can even be upside down. No matter how you chose to decorate and celebrate the holidays, I hope they are filled with joy, laughter, family, and delicious food!


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