Why am I planning this wedding?


The first piece of wedding advice I ever heard was to write down the top three things I absolutely could not compromise on. So I wrote down the food, the dress and the venue. Do you know what I neglected to add? My fiancé. The man I had agreed to spend the rest of my life with. Not just any man, but this specific man. This one guy that I’d gone on countless adventures with. The one who picked me just as much as I picked him. Within days of being engaged I had lost the big picture of what I was agreeing to. I’m not planning this huge party for nothing. It’s a celebration of the fact that I’m starting a new life with this guy. If it poured rain, the venue burned down, my dress got ripped, my bridesmaids got stuck in traffic and someone dropped the cake I’d still be getting married to my fiancé. Sure it’d be a pretty memorable day, but your new husband stays with you, not your cake topper. All of the details are just fluff. They are what makes a wedding pretty, but not what makes it meaningful. The meaning comes from two people agreeing to see past each other’s faults and support each other through life. Taking their futures, and tying them together. Making one life out of two.It’s easy to get lost in the details of planning a wedding. Remember why you’re doing all of this. Work on your relationship as much as you are the wedding. The wedding is one day, but marriage is a lifetime. I’m a week and a half from my own wedding and I feel like my engagement flew by. Cherish this stage. It’s not here forever.


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