Color Your Life

IMG_0452When deciding to decorate a room people typically begin by picking a theme, then finding pieces that will emphasize the chosen theme. One of my friends took a different approach to decorating her bedroom. She chose a bedspread with many different colors and patterns so she wouldn’t have to choose a particular “theme.” Instead, she searches for pieces she likes and then figures out how to incorporate them into her room.

IMG_0450She had a few challenges with her current room because it is the converted garage. It has all wood paneling and no windows. In order to counteract the lack of light she’s added multiple lamps around the room to bring in more light. In addition, she found some old window panes, spray-painted the back with mirror paint and hung them to give the allusion of having windows.

IMG_0448One of my favorite pieces in her room is her couch. She made it using two pallets for the base, an old twin mattress for the cushion, an old door for the back support. She also took an old quilt and turned that into the covering of the mattress and made four pillows for comfort against the old door. It is something very unique and immediately catches your attention.

Her room is a great inspiration for those moments when you find a particular piece you just love but can’t think of what to do with it. If you love it that much, you’ll find a place to display it proudly.

IMG_0454 IMG_0451 IMG_0447


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