Bailey + Katie + Claire

Three lives coming together on one blog page. Who are the three lovely ladies contributing to Swivel & Swank? We thought you’d never ask.


Bailey 2

I have always been interested in fashion. Even in high school, when I wore a uniform, I always tried to accessorize and make it my own. I read many different fashion magazines and try to keep up-to-date on  the latest trends. I will be posting my own fashion choices and those of my friends.

I have been waiting to have a house of my own for many years now. Now that I am living in one, with three other lovely ladies, I am doing everything I can to decorate in ways I’ve only dreamed about in the past. It has been so much fun designing my own house and seeing what my friends have come up with as well!

Some fun facts: I studied abroad in Oxford, England in the spring of 2013, favorite color is pink, I listen to Christmas music year-round, favorite artist is Norah Jones. I’m obsessed with the TV show FRIENDS and my favorite movie is the Sound of Music


DSC00587Most of my time is spent thinking about weddings or hair. Weddings are my short-term love. I am planning my own wedding for this December, so I will be posting about my journey in the wedding planning world. Hair is my long-term love. I have a lot of hair, and most of the time it is unruly. I hope that my hair tutorials will help you tame your own mane and conquer some new hairstyles.



Even though I am somewhat of an amateur when it comes to photography, I truly love it. There is something to be said about a beautifully crafted, captured moment.I will be posting about my photographic journey through the lens of the ever-so-common iphone.

However, I do have experience in the culinary world.I cannot wait to share with you my love of fall treats and sweet eats! I hope that you all find our posts to be not just thought-provoking but unique and useful in your day-to-day life.


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